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Artist Announced: Tyran Brown

24 Jul 2014


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Inglewood-born, Cali-bred, Tyran began with writing lyrics in the early days of elementary school, demonstrating an uncommon musical passion and lyrical mastery. By the time he got to high school he began to experiment with recording, matching up his fiery words to bumpin’ beats. Music came naturally to T, but he realized that in order to compete in this world he needed to get that college degree.

Tyran attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he studied marketing and began to explore entrepreneurial ideas. During college music had to take a backseat to the books, but shortly after graduation it resurfaced with a vengeance. In 2010 T seized the opportunity to create an anthem for the UNLV basketball team and immediately got to work on “I’m A Rebel,” which was a huge success. The wide reception of the song led Tyran to produce his first project entitled “Road II Da Riches,” completed by the next year.

TB is not your average artist, he pays close attention to everything behind the music as well. Tyran formed his own company, Brown Bag Entertainment, and used his Marketing skills to promote his mixtape.

He must have payed attention in class because all of this #HARDWORK landed him performances at the Key Club in Hollywood, the Las Vegas Hilton, and many other venues, opening for the likes of Too $hort and Kendrick Lamar.

Come the Spring of 2012 Tyran Brown was introduced to 5 time Grammy Award winning, songwriter and G.O.O.D Music artist Malik Yusef, who immediately upon meeting T asked him to rap right on the spot.Yusef must have heard something he liked because shortly after that meeting he became Tyran’s mentor and began to introduce him to the industry. T’s most recent project entitled, “#HardWork” emerged with Yusef’s help and now stands as an example of what true artistry and #hardwork will produce.

Staying true to his desire to uplift the masses, Tyran is also a member of the Hip Hop Caucus and took part in the 2012 “Respect My Vote” campaign along with artists such as 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Ciara, Sean Garrett, Uncle Luke and many others.

Keep your ears perked and ready because Tyran’s first single “MEEE” featuring Malik Yusef is a hard hitting, fun anthem that finds the two lyrically painting the scene as they walk through the city, getting props from the dudes and love from the ladies. It sets the tone for the 13-song project, #HardWork, which offers a variety of songs that display Tyran’s unique style and dynamicism and helps listener’s understand why T was given the G.O.O.D.  Music cosign.

With a mind like Plato, an effortless swag, a powerful voice, and a look that won’t quit, it is time that everyone takes some time to recognize this truly talented artist:

The one, the only, Tyran Brown.

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