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A&R Mark Mazzetti Joins 2014 LAMN Judge Line-Up

A&R Mark Mazzetti Joins 2014 LAMN Judge Line-Up

About Mark Mazzetti


Mark is an internationally respected music executive and producer with a long history of creating Grammy Award-winning records which have sold over 40 million copies worldwide. He has held positions as Executive VP of A&R at A&M Records and Executive VP and Special Assistant to the Co-Chairman and President of A&M Records.  Most recently Mark has been in the studio in LA producing 3 young artists – Mary Bee, Zach Gospe and Sidney Loraine – each of whom will release their debut EPs in 2014.  He has served as A&R executive for many artists including Sting, Janet Jackson, Amy Grant, Dishwalla, Aaron Neville, Bryan Adams as well as John Mayer (Sony/’Room For Squares’ album), Elton John, and most recently UK sensation Britroyal, US pop-crooner, Rick Kelly and progressive rock artist Taylor Poe.  Developing young song writers, shopping for master placements, reading scripts to find the best artists to write for the screen are all part of Mark’s work at Record Company In A Box.  He says, “I’m not trying to ‘do it all.’  I am focusing on developing the artists, their music and every opportunity I can to help advance their careers. It’s hard work but the most fun I could ever imagine!”

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