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Ashley Lagarde

Ashley Lagarde

Marketing Manager

Ashley Lagarde brings to NARIP a high level of emotional intelligence, advocacy and a desire to affect positive change. Her passions include music, organizing, and empowering artists and at-risk youth. Currently at work in youth centers around Los Angeles, she helps the One Nation Unity Summit-themed Building Bridges: Locally & Globally. The project encourages leadership, collaboration and entrepreneurship through engagement with notable hip hop figures, both old-school and new. This cross-generational initiative transcends music genres and ethnicity, and defies those who would crush dreams. Ms. Lagarde’s work challenges misconceptions about hip hop and encourages critical analysis of media and education. She aims to provide a foundation for the creation of relevant music and mutually beneficial collaborations, both social and artistic. Ms. Lagarde graduated with distinction from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she received her BA degree in sociology.

Favorite quotation: “When the time’s right, your fear will become your inspiration” – Apollo, The Traveling Poet

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