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Press Kit / Bio Makeover

Press Kit / Bio Makeover

Shape It Up, Ship It Out and Get The Gig!

  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Impress talent bookers, executives, editors and other taste-makers who are ready to hire, sign or feature artists
  • Get a professional, high-impact press kit or bio tailored to your target(s) that highlights your best skills and accomplishments at a glance
  • Accelerate your search for gigs, features and career-advancing opportunities

LAMN’s Press Kit / Bio Makeover Service is just what you need to whip your materials into shape. Get a press kit or bio that gets you the gig! Specializing in the music and record industries for over 20 years.

LAMN members and non-members can use our Press Kit / Bio Makeover Service. Speak with one of our experts about your experience and goals, and let us help you draft a strong resume to help you achieve them. We offer this service to current members at a special rate.

One of the nation’s top authorities on careers in the music business, industry leader Tess Taylor offers LAMN members and clients an unforgiving look at what industry professionals will really think of their marketing materials. Her no-sugar-coating analysis and razor-sharp pen will strip your press kit and/or bio down to the essentials, eliminating the fluff and jumble that many people haphazardly throw in, and highlight the achievements and selling points that will impress your target so that you get call-backs!

“If you apply the principles I share,” says Tess, “you’ll walk out with practical strategies you can use TODAY and a top-notch press kit or bio that will set you apart. I have one objective: TO GET YOU THE GIG NOW!”


  • Artists
  • Singer / songwriters
  • Creatives who wish to get the attention of busy taste-makers and the “right” people


Brutal yet sophisticated, critical yet honest, Tess’s feedback is has been described as “aggressive, rough, raw, vigorous, demanding and merciless.” Her approach will get your marketing materials in shape, and help make you more efficient, professional and desirable to industry executives and taste-makers who can greenlight you for a gig or feature or other opportunities. Her proven strategies aren’t just theory, Tess gets people gigs and jobs! (See RECENTLY HIRED at www.narip.com). She has connected countless people to opportunities and jobs through her work in the US and abroad, cultivated collaborations for over two decades, helped launch hundreds of projects and several companies.


“Tess Taylor is one of the great resources of the music business. She’s a walking job fair,” according to Hollywood Today Publisher & Editor, Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn. Not only that, but “Tess has amazing insights into where the business is going and combines that savvy with a Rolodex the size of a SUV. Tess is especially sharp in two areas that create the most opportunity for young business people and artists: Internet and entrepreneurship.”


  1. Place your order – call 818-769-6095 with your credit card (all major cards accepted).
  2. Answer several questions to help us focus on your desired outcome (or help you determine the best area[s] in which to apply)
  3. Receive personal attention from an expert writer
  4. Have a new bio and/or press kit in just 1 – 3 business days.


Call 818-769-6095 or email emelie AT lamn DOT com


For current LAMN Members:
$225 / hour for Career Strategy Session
$225 for Press Kit / Bio Makeover (please allow 1 – 3 business days to complete)

For non-members:

$325 / hour for Career Strategy Session
$325 for Press Kit / Bio Makeover (please allow 1 – 3 business days to complete)

Get BOTH a Career Strategy Session AND a Resume Makeover and save:

$400 for current LAMN Members
$550 for non-members


Need your resume IMMEDIATELY? If available, we can turn it around in 24 hours (or less), add $100 for RUSH service.

To schedule your appointment now call 818-769-6095 or email emelie AT lamn DOT com
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