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Career Strategy Sessions

Career Strategy Sessions

How To Market
Your Most Important Product:

Success starts with a good plan.
Let NARIP help you create one:
Your Ultimate Self-Marketing Plan.

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LAMN members and non-members can take advantage of Career Strategy Sessions to create a Personal Marketing Plan. Meet with Tess Taylor to discuss your experience and goals, and then formulate a realistic plan to help you achieve them. If appropriate, we refer you to professionals who are doing the things you want to do. These custom introductions help leap-frog you over obstacles in your job hunt or artistic quest and get you in the door. We offer this service to members at a special rate.

Here’s what people say about Tess Taylor and her Career Strategy Sessions:

“Tess is a juggernaut. She is a tireless and relentless advocate for professionals in the music industry, but more notably, is a mentor for the young and up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow. Who she doesn’t know in the music industry is just not worth knowing!” Peter Jansson, President, CEO, Janssongs Consultants

“Tess’s services were invaluable in helping me land my last two music industry jobs. First, she finds out exactly who you are and what you want to do with your career. She then gives you solid advice on how to achieve your goals. Finally, and this is the kicker, she opens up her Rolodex and helps you think of effective ways to get in front of people who can have a real impact on your career. If it really is about who you know in the music business, then Tess Taylor is an excellent person to cultivate.” – J. Michael Ribas, Senior Director of Marketing, Shout! Factory.

“Networking is statistically proven to be the best way to get into the career-oriented job you want, and Tess’s network works. Since I joined in 2002, I’ve gotten every job I’ve had through NARIP and LAMN. From Director or A&R at a record label to my current position working with Spencer Proffer and Doc McGhee developing music, film, TV and other media properties, the opportunities I’ve gotten through Tess are not the kinds of things you’ll find in the classified ads, unless it’s the NARIP.com or LAMN.com classified ads. Just join and participate. Learn the system and work the system, it worked for me.” – Kerry Furlong, McGhee-Proffer Media

“After an hour of speaking with Tess, she inspired and focused me on the direction I want my career to take. We discussed short term and long term goals, and then developed a strategy to get there. Within a week she arranged for me to call a top industry executive to ask for more advice. She listened aggressively and objectively to my career goals, saw what I’m trying to achieve, and then helped me develop a step-by-step approach to achieve those goals. Another aspect of the counseling that I enjoyed was that my ideas were vague and undeveloped. Tess helped to define those ideas and make a clearer picture that I could work toward. This has helped me feel more confident about moving forward.” – Peter O’Brien, World Group Consulting Inc.

To read more about Tess Taylor, click here.

Here are some benefits you will receive:

  • One-on-one session with professional, connected career counselor
  • Access the hidden job market, opportunities that are NOT publishers
  • Professional evaluation of your marketing materials and assistance with professional correspondence, sell-sheets and pitch letters
  • Career options assessment
  • Direct contact with top professionals and taste-makers and (when appropriate) personal introductions
  • Have your appeal expanded beyond your factual credentials
  • Have your most sale-able benefits and transferable skills identified and explained and put into the best language for maximum appeal
  • Solutions for liabilities that may restrict your growth


For current LAMN Members:
$225 / hour for Career Strategy Session
$225 for Press Kit / Bio Makeover

For non-members:
$325 / hour for Career Counseling
$325 for Press Kit / Bio Makeover

Get BOTH a Career Strategy Session AND a Resume Makeover and save:
$400 for current LAMN Members
$550 for non-members

To schedule your appointment now call 818-769-6095 or email emelie AT lamn DOT com.

To avoid a cancellation fee, please let us know if you are unable to make a scheduled appointment or need to reschedule within 24 hours prior to your appointment. Otherwise a cancellation fee of $50 applies.

To schedule your appointment, a $100 deposit is required (with the balance due when services are rendered). Please call our offices at 818-769-6095 to charge your deposit by phone, or mail a check payable to LAMN to P.O. Box 2446, Toluca Lake, CA 91610. We cannot confirm your appointment until your deposit has been received.

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